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Meet The Crew

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Luca Farmer

Owner... and everything else

Hello! I'm Luca. I'm a 21 year old Indigenous transgender person, but I'm also an artist and a psychic, medium or just intuitive. I started this business because I've always wanted to help people, I've tried other ways, at one point I was in school to become a therapist. But I realized throughout a vital part of my spiritual journey, that was a path I wasn't willing to take. I decided to use my natural gifts, and combine it with my hobbies so now here we are, together on this journey!


Behind the Theme

What's with the sun?

The Sun is an incredible symbol of fulfillment, enjoyment, energy and peace. The colors of the sun and the sunsets or sunrises, all have something to do with joy, creativity and passion. Its' element is fire, and inspired the first product, intention candles that use that element to help you on your journey. The Sun can spread all around the world, and we want to spread happiness and healing around the world.
(And another reason. My name is Luca, and my name meaning is "Light" or "Bringer of Light")

A more subtle sign of Earth With Luca, is the paper airplane. This represents my dreams (the airplane) traveling, I want to see how far it goes.

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