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Cassette Tape

Music Monday

Music Monday is an interactive project to connect customers and supporters of Earth With Luca together with me, Luca. Sharing an experience, in the form of a song, it allows me to learn more about who my customer base is, and their uniqueness compared to myself. We all have differences, but music and art are things that connect us as humans, plus it is pretty fun to compare what others feel and imagine when listening to a song. 

Every Monday a song will be chosen from this suggestion box, and a piece of art will be created with it, everyone has a chance to submit a song, submit as many as you'd like. The art piece will be posted here and on socials by the Sunday before the new Music Monday.

Previous Music Mondays

Luca's song of the week:

Here will be the past Music Mondays, it will be our collection of experiences 

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